At McKee Associates, Inc., feedback and words of appreciation after a project is completed is a confirmation of job well done. These words of kindness and sincerity will always be heart felt. To all our past customers, we thank you for all the wonderful feedback and we look forward to helping you again. We invite all of you to experience our exceptional customer service, extensive knowledge of the construction process, and our years of hard work and caring attitude. Here are a few appreciated remarks.

"I just want to congratulate you on the completion of yet another new McDonald's restaurant. I also want to thank you for another outstanding job done by Jim and Mike. Most new building styles are wrought with problems and challenges; those were minimal on this project, and Jim did an outstanding job of dealing with those obstacles. We maintained our projected schedule despite less-than-ideal soil and weather conditions, and we can thank Jim for that."
   -- Shawn, PE, Project Manager, McDonald's Corporation

 "I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your entire staff for the outstanding work your company has done for us over the years. In the almost 10 years that your team has worked with us we have accomplished many projects, and I can not say enough about what a pleasure it has been working with them. We have done everything from minor remodel jobs, to major remodels, to building new stores, and every job your company has done has been outstanding starting with the bidding process to the job completion. I have been very impressed from start to finish. The numbers are accurate, the jobs are started and completed on schedule and on budget. The quality of work and follow up has been second to none"
   -- Ernie, McDonald's Franchisee

"Throughout the approval and construction process, your construction team offered much help and cooperation to minimize the number of inspections and the amount of staff time. Due to their diligence and willingness to follow City procedures, the project concluded with full site plan and landscape compliance prior to the desired occupancy date. The aesthetic quality of the finished development is certainly an asset to the City and reflects your team's abilities. Thank you for your compliance with the City's development standards, procedures and your team's willingness to work with City staff."
  -- Paul, City of West Bend